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Mamba™ Electric Herb Grinder V2-50

by Mamba
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The Mamba Electric Grinder grinds your herb to the perfect consistency-unlocking hidden tastes, aromas, & potency for elevated experiences. The Mamba Herb Grinder also comes complete with a precise cone-shaped dispensing system which allows users to fill vapes, pipes, rolling paper, or stash containers without wasting any material in the process.

Compared to Hand Grinding
15X Faster
Battery Capacity
1500mAh Li-ion USB Rechargeable
Storage Capacity 1g
Grinder Diameter

Mamba Electric Grinder™ -  The Best Herb Grinder Ever Made

The Mamba Grinder is a small and portable electric grinder equipped with a powerful internal motor and a rocker-switch for forward and reverse grinding capabilities. Boasting a set of sharp diamond-cut teeth that can shred through even the stickiest buds, the Mamba Electric Grinder is nearly 15 times faster than a traditional manual grinder. 

Mamba Grinder™- Professionally Engineered for Performance

  • Forward-reverse rocker switch prevents clogging & stalling
  • Efficient energy usage system provides battery life for maximum operation
  • Powerful motor generates high torque for a powerful grind
  • Gear system maximizes power perfectly from motor to teeth
  • User-friendly free standing design
  • Strong Neodymium magnetic closure
  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum teeth
  • Cone-shaped dispensing tip
  • Grinds for a continuous 3 hours on full charges
A Small Electric Herb Grinder Built Tough

Mamba's patented rocker-switch grind mechanism can switch the grind direction at first sign of clogging- allowing you to tear and rip through the toughest of sticky bud. You can trust Mamba's calibrated gear system to deliver the high-torque required for any job. Get one for yourself to see the difference!