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Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?


Where do you ship from?

We ship from beautiful Denver, Colorado.

My orders says 'Payment Pending'. What should I do?

If you see Payment Pending in your account, that usually means one of two things. Either you used a debit card and our processor is awaiting confirmation that the funds are available or you selected ”Debit or Credit Card" and didn't enter the details. We offer several payment methods for your convenience so if you have any issues with your Payment Pending status please reach out to customer support and we'll take care of you as soon as humanly possible. 

If I order today when can I expect to receive my MasonBrite™?

Your order will normally be received within 5 days using our free shipping service provider UPS or USPS ground. If you'd like to receive it sooner please select the appropriate alternative option. Please note that we can only use USPS to ship to PO Boxes. 

What is the magnification level on MasonBrite™?

There are actually two magnification levels, 3X & 5X for optimal viewing.

How long will my MasonBrite™ hold a charge?

Under normal use the battery can support up to 1-2 hours of use. 

Are MasonBrite™ jar lids airtight?

Our lids are primarily used for displaying your product in a new light. Over exposure to LEDs and clear glass will dry out your herb. MasonBrite was created to provide maximum display and clarity of your herbs. For airtight storage options, please check out our other products. 

What is the optimal viewing distance for MasonBrite™?

For 3X optimized viewing distance from the lense is 1-10"

For 5X optimized viewing distance from the lense is 1-3"

What is the warranty for MasonBrite™?

The warranty covers MasonBrite™ 90 days from the day that you receive it. 

What other colors are available for MasonBrite™?

Currently we only carry the MasonBrite™ in black, however other options will be available in the near future. Customization for orders of 100 or more are available and the turnaround time is around 3 weeks door to door. 

Can I buy insurance for my order to protect it during shipping?

Yes! Be sure to select the Route Package Protection at checkout. 

Didn't answer your question? Please send us an email to with as many details as possible or call (888) 887-0013 Thank you!