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Hey guys I’m RIN! An artist from a town right outside of Philadelphia. I fell in love with creating art at a very young age. I was that kid who was always doodling and creating these silly looking characters. As I've been growing my art business I've realized I am very into the graffiti/street art style. Its a combination of writing down a funky word and then adding a cool character to go with it! One of the main reasons as to why I love creating is to inspire others not to be afraid to express themselves in different ways. Emotions are a huge part of life and you shouldn’t be afraid to show them. I hope my art helps anyone who is struggling with being themselves. @rinzie.10


I'm "Toot", a Tattoo artist that basically puts ink and paint on things. A piece of Hippies Labyrinth and KhiefiKhief by day. @khiefikhief
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