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Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
How to Appreciate Every Part of the Cannabis Plant

How to Appreciate Every Part of the Cannabis Plant

Cannabis is an incredible plant that deserves our attention. Nature is a gift to humans that is essential to life on Earth, but cannabis is especially unique. The frosty crystals, diverse colors, assorted shapes, and intricate patterns make cannabis stand out from the rest of the plant kingdom.   

While the unique appearance of cannabis may seem simply a way to pass the time after enjoying the effects, every part of the plant is essential to the plant’s lifecycle. The fact that female flowers can deliver a unique high and medicinal properties is reason enough to appreciate the appearance; understanding the purpose of each part make the viewing experience even more enjoyable. 

The Complexities of Cannabis 

Cannabis shares many properties with other flowering plants, but what sets it apart are the chemical compounds concentrated in the flowers or buds.

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are the compounds responsible for the euphoric effects and medicinal properties of hemp and marijuana. These unique molecules are the reason why cannabis has been demonized and worshiped all around the world for hundreds of years.

 The terpenes are the essential oils responsible for the unique flavors, smells, and various effects that create a different experience across separate strains. All plants use terpenes for survival, but cannabis is unusually abundant in these essential oils.

Why Cannabis is so Diverse

Plant species or strains aren’t exclusive to cannabis. All plants genera take on different features as a result of growing in unique environments. Roses and tomatoes are also cross-bred to create different colors, shapes, and sizes to keep consumers and enthusiasts interested. 

Cannabis is especially diverse because of the abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes. The incredible effects of each compound have grown demand and caused cannabis to become prohibited. Plant botanists have the incentive to create new strains with unique appearances and that deliver potent effects. The high price per gram for cannabis flowers drives the cannabis economy to produce more marketable strains making cannabis one of the most diverse plants on Earth. 

Female Marijuana Plant Anatomy 

The buds cannabis users smoke come from the female cannabis plant. Dioecious plants like cannabis can be either male or female. Male plants have the iconic marijuana leaves but do not possess the cannabinoid and terpene-rich flowers that users desire. The flowers are the main event in cannabis, but each part is detrimental to the survival of the plant we all love.


The stem or stalk is the central structural point of the cannabis plant, growing directly towards the sky from the root system. Every other part of the plant grows from the stem. 


A node is the intersection of a branch and stem containing the sex organs. Pre-flowering, a grower can tell if their plant is male or female by looking at the node. Many flowers and fan leaves grow from the nodes but not always.  

Fan Leaves 

The fan leaves are the notorious part of the plant featured on the walls, tattoos, and rap album covers. They don’t contain much resin and are usually discarded in the cultivation process but still have a special place in cannabis culture.


Bud, tree, leaf, and reefer are all synonymous with cannabis flowers. They contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes that make the cannabis plant unique. Only female plants are capable of producing valuable flowers. 

Parts of Female Flowers 

While other parts of the cannabis plant are essential, they aren’t the fruits of our labor. The flowers are what cannabis users can gaze into for hours and enjoy the array of colors and icy crystals. 

Flowers are the most complex part of the plant that helps cannabis reproduce and continue to evolve. 


If you have ever noticed that cannabis buds congregate tightly together, creating a system of buds, you understand the concept of the cola or ‘bud site.’ At the top of every well-developed cannabis plant is the main cola, known as the apical bud, where the majority of the flower will grow. 


The female reproductive parts are encapsulated in the bract. They look like leaves within the cola and are covered in resin glands. The bract contains the majority of the cannabinoids. 

Invisible to the naked eye, encapsulated under each bract is the calyx, a translucent layer covering the flower’s ovule. An essential reproductive structure is featured in all-female seed plants. The ovule contains three parts: 

  • The integument
  • The nucellus
  • The gametophyte 

Stigma and Pistil 

The cannabis pistils are also reproductive parts of the flower. They contain colorful hairs called stigmas that collect pollen from male plants. 

Over the plant’s lifecycle, stigmas change colors from white to orange, yellow, red, or brown. While they are essential to the species survival, stigmas don’t contain any cannabinoids or terpenes. 


The blanket of crystals covering highly potent dried cannabis flowers is called trichomes. Under a microscope (or MasonBrite), the viewer will notice that each trichome is translucent and mushroom-shaped, protruding from the leaves, stems, and calyxes. 

Trichomes contain both cannabinoids and terpenes. Hash is created by separating the resin glands from other parts of the cannabis plant and pressing them together. 

Appreciate the Beauty with MasonBrite 

The unique properties of cannabis can only be enjoyed to the full extent if the user understands the importance of each part and has the tools to view them properly. MasonBrite allows cannabis enthusiasts to escape into another universe of plant grandeur with our LED Magnifying Jar Kit. 

MasonBrite fits on all wide-mouth mason jars. Each unit contains three powerful LED lights to illuminate the intricate features of your cannabis flower. The viewing glass features 3X and 5X magnification so that you can view the parts of the flower unnoticed by the naked eye. MasonBrite is charged by a USB port and is built with high-density ABS plastic. 

Our kit includes everything you need to elevate your smoking experience, perfect for growers, enthusiasts, or anyone who loves a great conversation piece.

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