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Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
Capture Cannabinoid Potency with MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids

Capture Cannabinoid Potency with MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids


Millions of individuals consume cannabis for the multitude of benefits that marijuana provides. However, the potency of these effects is drastically affected by specific environmental factors, such as airflow, humidity, and temperature. 

Read along to discover how you can retain the potency of your cannabis flowers with the help of MasonBrite’s Stash Jar Lids

What Factors Impact The Potency of Cannabis 

Naturally-occurring cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, CBG, and many others, directly impact the potency of cannabis flowers. The concentration of each of these compounds influences the duration and overall effects that cannabis enthusiasts have come to know and love. 

Thanks to regulations in place, the vast majority of cannabis flowers are lab-tested shortly after they are harvested. After testing, cannabis retailers label marijuana flowers with their test results, which include cannabinoid and terpene content. 

In this case, you’ll be able to immediately see how strong a cannabis strain is. For example, you’ll understand that a cannabis strain with a 15% THC concentration is much weaker than a 30% THC cannabis strain. 

For this example, the 30% THC cannabis strain is two times stronger than the 15% THC strain. However, THC can degrade, which over time, will make it less effective.

The primary factors that reduce the effectiveness of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, is air exposure, temperature, and humidity. 

When cannabis buds are stored inside plastic containers or glass jars without a heavy-duty lid, small amounts of air pass over the cannabis flowers continuously. As this occurs, the cannabinoids are slowly but surely degrading. 

What’s the result of degraded THC? The result is a lowered potency and reduced effect. This, in all likelihood, is the last thing you want - especially after spending so much money on top-shelf marijuana flowers. 

How MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids Can Retain Cannabinoid Potency 

MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids are heavy-duty lids that can fit on Kerr, Ball, or generic mason jars. Thanks to glass’ impermeable structure and MasonBrite’s airtight capability - the ultimate cannabis environment is possible. 

Once you place your cannabis flowers inside of a mason jar that’s fitted with a MasonBrite Stash Jar Lid, you’ll immediately lock in the cannabinoids from harmful exposure to airflow, temperature, and humidity. 

By doing so, you’ll never have to worry about your cannabis flowers losing their potency. Instead, they’ll retain their impressive cannabinoid content with ease. Overall, you’ll enhance your overall experience and ensure a high-quality time with MasonBrite Stash Jar Lids.

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