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Öd Grower's Kit Edition | LED Magnifying Mason Jar Kit v2.0

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Our Öd Grower's Kit Edition includes everything you get with a standard v2.0 kit, but includes a 47" hand spun lanyard with an attachment for turning your MasonBrite into a wide view grower's loupe.  

MasonBrite fits on all wide-mouth mason jars. Each lid contains three powerful LED lights to illuminate the intricate features of your cannabis flower. The wide viewing glass features 3X and 5X magnification so you can easily view the parts of the flower unnoticed by the naked eye.  You're going to love it, we promise! 

Perfect for Growers, Enthusiasts, and Anyone Who Loves a Great Conversation Starter 


Öd Grower's Kit Edition Includes

1 x LED Magnifying Lid

1 x 8 Oz. Mason Jar

1 x C-Type Charging Cable

1 x USB Wall Charger

1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

1 x Grower's Lanyard (not pictured)

1 x Safe Storage Box


Imagine what your friends will think when you walk over to the coffee table and turn on your MasonBrite™.

"You know how sometimes you put flash on your bud and it makes it look 10 times better? It's like that...on crack."


"I’m officially obsessed with starring at my weed through this MasonBrite jar! You can see EVERYTING all up close and personal"


Weight: 6.34 oz

Size: 3.54" x 3.54" x 2.59"

Lens size: 2.4"

Magnification: 3X & 5X

Input: Type-C

Light: White LED X 3

Charging time: 1 hour

Working time: 2-4 hours

Power: 80 mAh UL Lithium-Ion Battery

++ TIPS ++

LED lights and non-UV or clear jars
can affect the contents over time.

We high recommend MasonBrite™
as a display jar for optimal use.

US Patent Pending. Registered trademark with USPTO. Manufactured by Emperor FBA