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Trending Cannabis Storage System from KookiJar

Trending Cannabis Storage System from KookiJar

We've changed how we smoke, how cannabinoids are extracted, and how it's
purchased; now's the time we changed how weed is stored. Introducing the
best app for cannabis, KookiJar.

As we tear down misconceptions about cannabis and its consumers, we find
more elegant solutions to push the industry forward. Kookijar is an example
of a company revolutionizing how we think about an overlooked but essential
aspect of cannabis consumption. The business uses technology and physical
storage jars to help cannabis users or retailers manage and maintain their

KookiJar improves the cannabis experience through specially designed glass
jars complete with a 5X magnifying lid. The application compliments the
storage system by giving users access to a personal database for their weed,
plus a reliable source of information from fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

The KookiJar App – The best app for cannabis

The technology used in the KookiJar App adds a digital user interface to the
cannabis experience. Flower enthusiasts can save their favorite strains,
update the collection with new purchases, and track spending habits, all
within the KookiJar app.

Manage Your Stash

In the past, the majority of the cannabis community has practiced an
identical consumer buying journey. The weed gets low; we buy some more,
smoke, and repeat. There hasn't been much thought into reflecting on the
purchase and monitoring consumption.
KookiJar is here to change the entire process of buying and using cannabis.
Consumers will now think of their stash more of a collection of flower, with
the ability to monitor what they have available, what they've had in the past,
and what to try next.

Keep Track of Your Favorite and Least Favorite Strains

Instead of enjoying the flower until it's gone and heading to the dispensary
to re-up, the app encourages users to be mindful of the flowers unique
properties and how it makes them feel.
One of the unfortunate side-effects of marijuana is short-term memory loss;
with KookiJar, cannabis enthusiasts don't have to remember what strain they had on their trip to Vancouver the previous summer. The experience
will be documented and organized in the KookiJar app.
Users can save the strains they enjoy and note which ones they didn't or
weren't the best option for a specific activity.

Cannabis Genetics is Flawed

Relying on weed science isn't always the best way to predict how it will
translate to real-world effects. Before cannabis legalization, information on
genetics was passed down from grower to grower without proper
documentation. As a result, cannabis genetics hasn't been as accurate as

Being mindful about each purchase can highlight how the strain made an
individual feel instead of the unofficial classification from the grower or
dispensary. For example, a strain may be labeled as indica, but if it gives the
user an uplifting feeling and makes them want to clean their house, the
categorization isn't helping them the next time they browse the flower
selection at their favorite dispensary.

In a 2015 study by PLoS ONE, researchers dove into cannabis genetics by
examining the gene pools of 81 strains. Using their chemical composition,
they "found there was only a moderate correlation between a marijuana
strain's genetic structure and its reported classification as "sativa" or
"indica." What's more, the strain names are even less meaningful when it
comes to categorization."

Tracking the personal experience is a much more accurate way to help make
the next purchasing decision. For example, a KookiJar app user is much less
likely to buy the sativa that put them into a couch coma before going on a
15-mile hike.

Our Library of Knowledge

KookiJar also serves as a database of knowledge regarding the ever-growing
market of cannabis. While cannabis genetics aren't as well documented as
tomatoes or roses, reviewing information from other connoisseurs gives
KookiJar users insight into strains they haven't tried yet.

Curated Cannabis Content

The designers at KookiJar are cannabis enthusiasts and recognize that
getting the latest news about their favorite plant can be challenging.
Cannabis companies are coming from a marketing position, and the mainstream media still struggles to understand the culture. The KookiJar
news feed provides fellow cannabis lovers with curated content in a reliable
centralized location.

KookiJar is the best app for cannabis positioned to revolutionize the way
cannabis is consumed.

KookiJar - The Best Storage Jars Available

The other aspect of the KookiJar experience is the physical storage jar. Most
recreational and marijuana users have become accustomed to leaving their
weed in the plastic child-proof containers required by the dispensary. Or even worse, a plastic bag.

Storing weed in plastic significantly reduces the quality. According to
StonerThings, an online community of cannabis lovers, "many types of
plastics can leach chemical odors into the contents, making what would
otherwise be a pleasant smoke almost worthless."

The best storage jars are made from glass. There's a reason why every
dispensary in the world from Vancouver to Amsterdam has their product in
glass containers behind the counter.

KookiJar elevated the glass mason jar by creating a sleek and functional
design with the enthusiast’s interest in mind. Their jars are available in black
or clear, giving the user the option to show off their buds or keep the
sunlight out to reduce degradation. It also features a 5X magnifying lens so
the collector can get a better look when deciding which strain they want to

Take a Deeper Look with Mason Brite

While KookiJar has developed the best system for cannabis storage,
integrating technology with their custom jars, the experience can be
taken to the next level with MasonBrite. The magnifying mason jar kit
is complete with LED lights and a 3X and 5X viewing lens to illuminate the
remarkable properties of cannabis. Plus they fit on wide mouth mason jars so to make it even more easy!

MasonBrite is the perfect complimentary piece for every stoner's smoke
session. Cannabis deserves to be viewed through a magnifying glass and
with LED lights you can take that to the next level while enjoying the glorious

KookiJar and MasonBrite take cannabis consumption to heights never
thought possible. Now that there's a legal market, cannabis can be enjoyed and optimized thanks to advancements in technology. Stay tuned for more
to come!

To download the App for Android or Apple, click here and navigate to the apps section. 
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