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Top 5 Stoner Brands You've Never Seen

Top 5 Stoner Brands You've Never Seen

1. Wakit Grinder - Meet the Wakit Grinder, the rechargeable electric kitchen grinder with patented ball & chain technology that mills and preps your condiments, spices, and dry herbs in seconds to acquire anywhere from a coarse consistency to a fine texture simply thorough the use of quick short taps to the top-down pressure cap.

2. Twisted Tray - Meet the first tray designed to easily fill cones & bowls. We designed this patent-pending tray to make it easy to fill pre-rolled cones or hemp wraps, and we make each Twisted Tray in the USA from 100% recycled plastic with our recycling and remanufacturing process. With the Twisted Tray, cones can easily slide and then twist firmly onto the cone-filling spout, which makes the packing process a breeze. It can also hold rolled-up tips in place or allow you to easily tap material down the larger spout into a bowl. It’s the tray that looks stunning on the table, helps you get the job done, and stays compact enough to easily travel around.

3. Huni Badger - The Huni Badger Device is a high output portable device that is powered by a single, easily removable 18650 Lithium-ion battery. You can carry as many of these powerful batteries as needed for instant exchanges, allowing you to take this fully functional device everywhere you go. The heating element of Huni Badger is an advanced ceramic barrel that, in mere seconds, warms up to the perfect temperature required to efficiently consume your favorite extracts.

 4. KookiJar - KookiJar is leading the de-stigmatization of cannabis, with showcase-able physical storage and a personalized digital app.  Our glass jars ensure freshness and the preservation of potency, while our innovative, custom-designed magnifying lid lets you view, inspect, and present your flower in detail.


5. StonerDays - Stoner, You have discovered your new sanctuary of stoner pictures, blog, music, stoners clothing, videos, dictionary, and more at Marijuana clothing and stoney accessories for cannabis connoisseurs. Being a stoner is no longer a derogatory term, but a term of endearment. 

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