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Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
Top 10 Cannabis Influencers 2022

Top 10 Cannabis Influencers 2022

If you're a brand owner, you probably already know that most people on social media claiming to be cannabis influencers are mostly just looking for free stuff. For some brands that makes sense because even if they just post once or twice, it's low cost brand exposure. For others, the products they sell are higher ticket items that cost a lot of money to produce. As a brand in this space for several years now we've seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

We've seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We've worked with influencers that have over a million followers and with ones that have only 3000 followers. What you probably already know is that the engagement is what really matters. Here are some of the best influencers we've worked with and I hope that if you're a brand owner reading this you'll reward them with a sponsorship! 

1. 💯 EarthSmokesAlot - you've probably seen him around if you've been in this space or enjoy scrolling through weed videos on Instagram. Kevin started out by simply making high quality content showing him smoking out of everything from watermellons to 55 gallon barrels. More importantly he's an honest person who follows through. That's probably why he's our #1 pick for this list. 


2. 💯 DabbingCuban - if you like good vibes and a bit of comedy then this is the influencer for you. He makes hilarious clickable content and continues to improve his page in a creative way. 

3. 💯 PA_Kushy - this Pittsburgh kid's no BS approach is welcoming in an age where everything seems to be sugar coated. He will tell you if your product is good or bad and doesn't waste time. 

4. 💯 kotak.95 - one of the most laid back dudes on Instagram. Great at promotion and easy to work with. Always willing to test the waters with new products and loves working with new brands. 

5. 💯 thehomiezee_ - fantastic to work with and great at creating elevated creative content. Affiliate with 

6. kushflows - super positive influencer with amazing content creation skills!

7. jackey_420 - the one and only Jackey makes epic content and at one time had over 75K followers until Instahate shut it down. For epic content and promotion check him out. 

8. BlazinBara - makes some really cool content and is a super positive force in the cannabis community! 

9. cloudmouthvaper - the dude abides! Makes very creative content and has some mad skills as a photographer. 

10. hanselaquino - MMA fighter, cancer survivor, cannabis lover, what's not to like? Easy to work with and makes some hilarious content. Definitely need to check him out.  

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