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The "Big Boy" Enters the CBD Market but Only in One Country

The "Big Boy" Enters the CBD Market but Only in One Country

It's finally happened! Global online retailer Amazon is setting itself up as a CBD supplier with its new pilot program for UK customers only. It's really no surprise with such a massive opportunity for a global market for CBD that goes well into the hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. 

It certainly does mark a milestone for an industry that has been booming for years now and will only get bigger as larger players fall into line as they always do. Here's to hoping that it brings the price down and level out the quality. 

In a statement to BusinessCann Amazon outlined its position as follows: “We are always seeking to increase the selection we offer our customers and help them find and buy anything online.

“The listing and sale of ingestible hemp products, including lozenges, e-liquids, sprays and oils that contain CBD or other cannabinoids are prohibited on, except for sellers participating in a limited, invite-only pilot. 

“The pilot is currently by invitation-only and is not accepting additional sellers.

“This pilot only applies to products listed on and is not available on other Amazon websites.”

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