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Top 10 Online Cannabis Platforms

Top 10 Online Cannabis Platforms

1. CannabisHub 

Cannabis Hub is the leading platform for connecting consumers and businesses of cannabis products online.  Cannabis Hub brings consumers and businesses of cannabis products onto simple, secure, and smart community marketplace. Cannabis Hub allows brands to effortlessly promote their cannabis products online. Consumers are able to easily browse these products, allowing consumers to find the right product, at the right place, at the right store. 

2. Leafwire

Leafwire is an online platform connecting investors to cannabis companies looking to raise funding. There are countless investors who want to learn more about cannabis investing and don't have a single source to find real, current deal-flow. And as legalization spreads across states and countries, new companies are founded daily, with need for funding. Its Leafwire's goal to fill this gap and support the burgeoning cannabis industry as it grows, worldwide.


3. Grasscity

Grasscity is a leading online smoke shop that offers the largest range of bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizers and accessories.

4. WeedLife

Connect, learn, and share your knowledge with other cannabis enthusiast from around the world on the WeedLife Social Network.

5. TheLeafyBook 

The Leafy Book is social grow network that is safe & secure. Create groups that never get banned again! Enter in sponsored product giveaways.

6. WeedTube

Get the official WeedTube app and see what the world is watching while seshing – from the latest tips and tricks to what’s popular in gaming, education, entertainment and more. Subscribe to new creators who were censored on other platforms, create content of your own, share with buds, and watch on any device.

7. Discord

Why is Discord on this list? Because it's become a place of refuge for many in the cannabis community who are tired of Instahate and other platforms that penalize you for sharing pictures of a plant (but not guns, pills, and booze). 

8. MJLink

The Leafy Book is social grow network that is safe & securConnect with Thousands of Business Brands and Entrepreneurs on the Cannabis Business Social Network.e. Create groups that never get banned again! Enter in sponsored product giveaways.

9. CannaBuzz

CannaBuzz® is a cannabis community platform, a social video & picture app with much more! Created by censored content creators who wanted a safe platform for legal cannabis. Over 150K+ members worldwide. 

10. BudsFeed

BudsFeed is a discovery destination for the cannacurious. Every day, brands and enthusiasts “seed” the latest cannabis-related products, services, events, and original content they love. Cruise our curated feeds or cultivate a following for your own brand right here by seeding something. All buds are welcome!

Do you agree? Did we miss one? More than one? Comment below! 

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