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Why this Grinder Makes a Better Smoking Experience

Why this Grinder Makes a Better Smoking Experience

Grinders are pretty important if you're smoking flower. In fact, it would be pretty hard without them right? With thousands of options out there how do you know which one is really the best? 

If you want to elevate beyond earth to the ultimate grind, you need to check out Wakit Grinders. Wakit Grinders are the first to use a Ball & Chain technology that creates a smoother grind and better release of terpenes. 

If you're skeptical about electric grinders or have tried them before, we get it. The thing is, Wakit Grinders don't grind your flower in the same way, and the result is just a better, smoother grind. Most electric grinders use teeth or blades to cut or mash your flower resulting in inconsistent sized pieces and mangled product.

If you're ready to check out why this is the best electric grinder on the market today, go here to try them out today! 

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