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How Independent Smoke Shop & Dispensary Owners Can Increase Their Bottom Line

How Independent Smoke Shop & Dispensary Owners Can Increase Their Bottom Line

You've probably heard about dropshipping or have seen what it normally looks like in your Facebook feed. Really cheap product offers with a short video that goes viral. Normally the post will have thousands of likes and reviews but the about us page has very little do with the product being sold and seems to be copy and pasted. Everything is shipped from China. Sound about right? The cool thing is dropshipping has evolved into an excellent way to expand your bottom line and I'm going to get to how much in just a minute.

First I'd like to share with you what has changed with dropshipping. Gone (for the most part) are the days of dropshipping from overseas with long delays, lost or damaged packages, and customs fees. Many small businesses right here in the USA are starting to dropship for businesses just like yours. Many of these products are made in the US and many, hand crafted. Because you're working with the people who live and breath their brand and products and the products are being shipped within the USA, many of the issues that faced dropshipping is gone. 

At MasonBrite, we dropship dozens of our own products for independent shops online and offline. Read on to learn how! 


For e-commerce websites we're able to link them up with a feed of products where they can set their own prices and earn a healthy margin. The best part is that by doing this all they have to do is keep promoting their own brand, not someone else's. They also don't have to worry about the products diminishing their own brand or watering it down with all the hassles that traditional dropshipping brought. 


You don't hear this term very often, but what I'm talking about is brick and mortar on the ground sales. This would be through your own shop, trade show, festival, fair or anywhere your customers are physically in front of you. MasonBrite will provide you with all the marketing materials you need, display products, and handle all the shipping, and customer service. The best part about this is its completely free, and you can earn margins of 20-50%. It can really help your bottom line and help you bring in new traffic to wherever you are selling your main products. 

If you're interested in learning more about dropshipping (the right way), drop me a line here and let's talk! 

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