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Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
Need Funding for Your Cannabis Business?
5 Alternative Packaging Ideas the Cannabis Industry Needs to Look At

5 Alternative Packaging Ideas the Cannabis Industry Needs to Look At

Although there is a much better sense of the amount of waste for landfills from the Cannabis industry, most of us understand there is much more that needs to be done. Whether it's using hemp plastic, corn or wheat based plastic, or removing the plastic altogether and using glass, there seems to be thousands of options available and all costing too much for most growers and manufacturers to want to take on. 

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding bioplastics because the term has been stretched in recent years to include all sorts of things including recycled packaging that isn't really "green". 

Here's a quick look at what is available currently as of the date of this post and some other interesting projects:

1. Hemp Plastic - this bio plastic has a beautiful 'earthy' appearance and all has some limitation is can be quite expensive in its current form it is a great way to help maintain the balance of the world as well as get rid of all the waste from the hemp industry

2. Corn Plastic 

3. Wheat Plastic 

You've probably seen this in the form of drinking cups for cold, and sometimes hot, beverages. It's fairly versatile but doesn't break down as easily as hemp or corn according to some reports. It could be more widespread since wheat is one of the world's largest crops. 

3. Cassava Plastic 

Cassava root is a widely uses vegetable primarily in Asia, but in recent years has been used to make bags and other products for shopping. The cost is a bit higher than traditional plastic bags but they easily break down in less than 60 days. Word of caution. If you are using cassava bags don't put a cold 6 pack in it or the bottom will break down in a couple minutes. 

4. Olive Plastic

One of the most interesting plastics out there today is bio plastic made from olive pits. 

5. Sunflower Hulls

Sunflower hulls are some of the most wide spread waste of the world and a great source for bio plastics for use in bags, pallets and other products that require high density plastics. 


To learn more about other alternative bio plastics I recommend checking out this:




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