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"You know how sometimes you put flash on your bud and it makes it look 10 times better? MasonBrite is like that...on crack."


"Beats Smokus Focus Jars - Look modern and Sophisticated. Quality material used to make the productwith a case. Bright leds!"

Max P.

"I'm officially obsessed with starring at my weed through this MasonBrite jar! You can see EVERYTING all up close and personal."


"Light Up Your Life - Most definitely the best lighted display jar on the market, would highly recommend it 👌"

Punisher 66

"If you are a dispensary owner or worker...I would highly recommend you guys grab these!"


"Amazing Product - Got my jar and lid less than a month ago and I’m amazed with it. I love looking at my product through the magnifying lens. 10/10 recommend!"

Katonna Loibl

"Better option than competition for half the price! I love it!! Ordering a second!!"


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